Musmos Team Building Seminar (TBS) 2013!!


What more could be asked for then a weekend full of fun activities with your fellow Musmos volunteers? 

The Team Building Seminar was held last August 17 to 18 first at the Ateneo De Manila Campus then at the Alpadi’s Estate at Antipolo, with the theme following the enchanting world of Harry Potter. Rainy weather throughout the event meant

The seminar started off with some getting-to-know Group Dynamics and a little preparation, just in time for departure around noon. The afternoon continued with some parlor games and more Group Dynamics followed by some processing questions situated around the estate, and ended on a high note with an unprecedented GD where people had to reveal more of themselves, literally. The night then ended on a cool, somber note with more bonding activities, including a movie screening.image

The morning after was spent in a more relaxed manner, with some people going for a swim while others spent their time in comfort indoors. The event ended on a high note, with an awarding of certificates based on Harry Potter characters. After the trip back home to campus, spirits were still high and a well-deserved lunch was spent in Pizza Hut.

Congratulations to the Musmos TBS Team 2013 for the awesome TBS, and thank you to everyone who attended! Until next year :)

(2013 July 27 - Despicable Me 1 Film Showing)

Whether under the wide roof of the covered courts, or inside the quiet halls of the Ateneo, we as Musmos volunteers strive to make the children smile more. On this day of less play and more quiet time with the kids, we realized how children are able to focus on certain things, too, and that despite having young minds and innocent thoughts, they are able to recognize and appreciate the morals that are hidden under given circumstances. And as always, although it is always instilled in our hearts that we do all these things for the kids—to make them happy, to make them smile—each and every area ends with us volunteers feeling the greater happiness because of the kids. So as we reply to the kids with our genuine “You’re welcome” or “Walang anuman”, we also say, “Thank you, mga bata!” :)


The minions are back! I know you’re dying to watch Despicable Me 2! We will be selling tickets for the movie starting tomorrow! Do drop by at the Doghouse anytime for the next three weeks!


What’s your best memory with Musmos? Tweet your answers with the hashtag #buhayorgmember. Fire up that browser and Tweet away, friends!

Musmos RecWeek 2013

Org life with Musmos is as colorful as these lego blocks. Why don’t you build your own adventure with our Musmos kids and our Musmawesome volunteers? Believe me, the journey will be more than memorable.

RecWeek 2013. June 24-28. MVP Roofdeck.

MUSMOS: 28 Years and Counting…

RecWeek is just around the corner! Musmos will definitely put meaning and color in your college life. Catch us this June 24-28 at the MVP Roofdeck. See you there! <3

I give you 10 reasons for joining our family:

10 out of ten times you look back and realize that you could have done much more.
9 lives is a luxury we don’t have so we’re making the most out of the
8 semesters of “magis” and “persons-for-others”.
7 days in a week to live it all out and we choose the
6th day to prove that creating man wasn’t such a big mistake after all, that
5 fingers are all it takes to lend a helping hand.
4 years of college will never be as fruitful and meaningful without those
3 hours in a week overflowing with riot-filled, eye-opening, heartwarming experiences within the
2 areas where a smile was, and will always be, the password; and all it takes is
1 organization: MUSMOS.



Watch out for the photos of the Open Areas! We really are thankful for all of you who shared your Saturdays with us!


Tips and tricks on leadership have been written in books, articulated by big bosses and formulated by professionals over time. Yet, one thing the project heads workshop taught me is that leadership is not learned by reading or hearing about it but by experiencing it yourself. The speakers from Ateneo Code could have just explained what team dynamics, goal-setting, initiative and accountability are; however, we understood before we knew it. How? Through the activities we went through ourselves – experience! Experience automatically brought out the leaders in us. |Nicole Patricia Nuguid, Project Head|


                       The Project Heads and The Team

                            Our awesome friends from CODE

                 The Challenge: Make gifts for the King’s birthday!

We’ve got one last Formation Activity for you guys this week! Join us this Friday at the Matteo Balcony (on the right side of Bo’s, the one without the CR) from 4:30 PM to 6:30 PM for our second Leadership Training Seminar.

Our speaker will be Sir Joey Molina of Life Box, so we hope to see you all there! :)

Musmos Weekly Digest #11

1. Poverty Awareness Week

This week, from September 19 to 23, Musmos will be holding it’s annual Poverty Awareness exhibit at the Matteo Ricci lobby. This one of the organization’s flagship events, as it raises awareness in the Ateneo campus about the situation that the Musmos kids and the Philippine urban poor experience today. So drop by anytime next week and together, let us take a look at the situation that many of our countrymen face from a different angle.

2. MusmoHAHA: A comedy show for the benefit of Musmos kids
This Saturday night, September 24, is going to be a night full of entertainment and laughs as Musmos holds a comedy show at Katips Bar and Grillery. It’s open to all so you may invite your non-Musmos friends too. If you buy your tickets next week at Kostka Extension, you can also get a free Musmos baller! 
For more details, just visit the Musmos events page: . Also, please do sign up for booth shifts for ticket-selling here:

3. SBC Friendship Hour: Tugon

It’s time for Friendship Hour again, friends! This Wednesday, September 21, from 4:30 to 6:30 PM, join us at CTC 102 as we fight alongside the Area Avengers! This would be another great opportunity to get to know the rest of the SBC orgs so we hope to see you all there! For more info about the event, please visit the SBC Friendship Hour event page:

Area reminders:
This week’s area is “Make a Book Day” wherein the Musmos kids will be given the chance to make their very own stories to share!
Call-times and briefing:8:15 AM - Kostka Extension (Katipunan area)2:15 PM - Matteo Steps (Cubao area)
Area flow:
1. Story of the Day: a video containing a summary of the previous “Story of the Day”s

2. Talk on writing a simple story, c/o Heights

3. Activity Proper: The kids will write their own “Story of the Day”
- Each team will be further divided into two or three groups
- They’ll be given a value tackled the previous months (Pagkukusa, Katapatan, Pagiging Makabayan at Kalusugan ay Kayamanan) as the topic of their story
- They’ll also be the one to do the illustrations, write down the dialogues and the narratives, just like a typical children’s storybook.

This week, from September 19 to 23, Musmos will be holding it’s annual Poverty Awareness exhibit at the Matteo Ricci lobby. This year’s exhibit features the work of Regan John Monton. This is one of the organization’s flagship events, as it raises awareness in the Ateneo campus about the situation that the Musmos kids and the Philippine urban poor experience today. So drop by anytime next week and together, let us take a look at the situation that many of our countrymen face from a different angle.


TO ANYONE WHO LIVES IN METRO MANILA: If you’re free this coming Saturday night (Sep. 24), check this out, please!

Have a night of fun and laughter for a cause! The proceeds will be for the benefit of Musmos kids from out urban-poor communities in Katipunan and Cubao.

Please help us out by attending, or if you cannot, promoting this to those who can! Thank youuu. >:D<

For those who have Facebook account, you can check the events page here:

We’re a legit Ateneo sector-based organization. You can also check out Tumblr here:

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To make way for the Dental Mission this September 11, we won’t be having an area this Saturday :)


Where there are children smiling, there is hope. And what better way to make the Musmos kids smile than giving them dental check-ups, and increasing their awareness about dental hygiene? Do join us this coming September 11, as Musmos will be holding it’s annual Dental Mission for the kids and their respective communities. We highly encourage you all to attend and help out with the event. For more information about the event, please visit the Dent Mish event page:

Musmos Weekly Digest#9

Hey Musmos peeps!

With finals week drawing ever so near, it seems like the right time to stop for awhile and reflect. Join us this Friday at Faura 113 for Kubol, a recollection formation activity, as we revisit our purpose not only as Musmos volunteers, but also as Ateneans. We have a very special guest speaker, Mr. Jope Guevarra of the Philosophy department, so we look forward to seeing you there :)

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